Bülacher Kurier 0f  17.02.2016

Two women and their latest artwork.
Bülacher Kurier of 17.02.2016 (…) Her real name is Regine Schmidt-Morsbach. She is more widely known by her pseudonym „Schmimo“. She has held several exhibitions in the past in Bürlach. For her next project she will be presenting her latest artwork in the Café Klaus, with the underlying motto „We are ready“, where she will show us people as only Schmimo sees them. As she says herself, she „observes very closely, looking for little hidden signs of the people behind the facade.“ Her aim is to scrape off some of the smoothness and sheen from the surface of these facades. „I am fascinated by flaws and cracks in people’s outward appearances.“
The results of her observations are astonishing, not least because as observers we are pulled back and forth : on the one hand we may recognize a friend and smile to ourselves: on the other hand we may recognize ourselves – making us pause for thought or perhaps even scratch our heads…..