Chairs and Cushions

Joie-de-Vivre Paintings


The chair has long past its prime, the cushions are crumpled, showing evidence on their striped covers of evenings passed drinking red wine. These ageing and incongruous friends join together in tender loving harmony for everyday use.

Then she arrives on the scene and breathes glamorous life into them : she turns their coloured stripes into magic rainbows, their weathered wood into dry landscapes with peaks and valleys, and melts these dissimilar sisters into creatures with spindly legs. And I chase the wandering shadows with my palette full to bursting:

Quickly describing silhouettes in watery outlines and catching the gently shifting colours on paper. With playful nonchalance raising the intensity and exploding little colour bombs. With ever increasing brush-strokes conserving the wetness, transforming the colours and carrying the silent drama laughing into the next round.

Wide-eyed and open-mouthed I follow the sun-drenched action, listening to the conversations between the colours and enjoying the stories created in the heat of the South.

Schmimo 2018