Day by day, stroke by stroke
For over a year, Regine Schmidt-Morsbach ( or Schmimo for short), recorded the independent existence of visual impressions and objets trouvés in her so-called Month Pictures, day by day, month by month, stroke by stroke (…) scenes from everyday life, people or expressions which she came across. The resulting pictures can be “read” both as observation reports as well as wanderings of fantasy. Incorporated into a standardized basic format, the large-scale watercolours are composed of many single images. Basic colour chords overlay some components or sometimes the whole ensemble, giving atmosphere to the composition. At times graphical and objective, at times artistically free, alternating between caricature-like and individually precise images, one continually discovers new details. The artist, who was born in Wiedenbrück, was the winner if the 24th Biennial “Internazionale des Umorismo nell Árte” 2007, and has her atelier in the Sternstrasse in Münster.