Westfälische Nachrichten, Dec. 29th, 2014

Honorary Citizenship for Schmimo

WN Dec. 29th, 2014
In the Community Town Hall in Conzano in Piemont, Italy, top political representatives (i.e. the mayors from neighbouring communities, the Bishop of Casale Monferato and many other guests of honour), attended a meeting with the purpose of awarding honorary citizenship. As well as the Commandante Caputo, the artist RS-M, alias Schmimo, received this honorary title. According to official statements, this was due to the huge success of her „Residenza Artistica“ in 2013. During that period of time, Shmimo grew very close to the place and its people through her art. The resulting exhibition „Non basta mai – la libertà di restare“ in the Palazzo Villa Vidua, also presented in the Geological Museum in Münster from Dec. 13th to March 14th 2014, enjoyed nationwide acclaim.
The Mayor of Conzano, Emanuele Demoria, and the journalist Anna Maria Bruno will be making an exchange visit to Münster in May 2015.