At last! I’ve done it! – My homepage is online!

After more than a month at my computer – and that during the most beautiful sunny and hot October weather – I have surfaced and plunged straight back into life. The effort, frustration tolerance and sheer endurance were worth it. From now on intensive painting is allowed, without the bad conscience and time-pressure caused every time I thought about my computer. We were a great team : Markus Broda of Goldmarie Design, who arranged the contact with the agency, was always there to help me, and very often dealt with the difficult and time-consuming photo-editing for me. Sebastian Bung of the Luum Agency, who discussed the construction of the homepage with us and introduced me in very small steps to the art of homepage maintenance. And last but not least, Lukas Walbaum, a friend who takes professional photographs of my paintings. It is thanks to you all that I have managed to complete the first huge stage of my task.
I think we made a good job of the homepage.